5 secrets for long-lasting makeup

Do you find yourself arriving home in the evening with half the makeup you had left with that morning? These are the 5 simple secrets to help keep your look locked down:

Moisturize, my dear!

I can’t say this enough. Using a moisturizer before you apply your makeup makes a WORLD of difference. Putting moisture back into your skin before you apply other products gives you a smooth, soft surface that’s easy to work with and prepares your skin for what’s to come. Plus, the pressure from your fingers will get your blood circulating and give you a natural glow.

Prime time

Primers come in several different forms (creams, gels, and powders) and provide a surface for your foundation to stick to giving you that lasting look. Not only do primers help your makeup stay on, they also typically include a silicone base which fills in fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores. Some people even choose to wear their primer as a stand-alone product and forego foundation or bb cream because of the smooth complexion it creates.

There’s also eye primer which helps prevent that awful eyeshadow grease crease. Check out my favorite one here.

The power of powder

After you apply your foundation, the powder is what sets it and holds it in place throughout the day. While the rest of your face products (blushes, bronzers, contour creams, etc.) can be applied directly on top of your foundation, using a powder in between will definitely give those other products more staying power.

giphy (12)

Layer those lips

Translucent powders are all the rage these days, and for a good reason. Like the powder you apply after foundation, translucent powders can be applied on top of your lipstick to give you a lasting lip pout capable of surviving whatever food or beverage comes your way. I recommend sandwiching a translucent powder in between two layers of lipstick to make it last while also giving a glossy look.

The finishing touch

A setting spay is going to give you the finishing touches and really make your makeup stay put. It’s kind of like hair spray… but for your face. Setting sprays are applied at the end of your makeup routine and shouldn’t change the overall texture of your makeup. They provide an extra coat of moisture and help prevent any makeup meltdowns throughout the day.

What do you do to help your makeup last longer? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!



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