Say hi to highlighting

unspecified-1I used to think highlighting was just the act of color-coding all of the most important parts of text books, notes, and teacher handouts. My highlighter was my trusty sidekick whenever I was preparing for a big exam at Tech. Being the nerd I am, I basically highlighted EVERYTHING, assuming all information was vitally important. This, of course, basically defeated the purpose of the highlighter.

After graduation, I thought I left my highlighting days behind me. But lo and behold, highlighting has come back with a vengeance, only this time, it’s a bit more glamorous 🙂

Highlighting, “strobing,” or “non-touring” is the act of applying shimmery creams and products to one’s cheekbones creating a soft, dewy look. People are into it because it’s way easier than it’s counterpart, contouring, which involves using darker shades to create slimmer features and added depth. It requires less time, money, and talent while still adding a little more flavor than your standard makeup routine.


Comparison of contour vs. highlighting


Here are a few of my favorite highlighter looks, ranging from an every-day-look to makeup artist.

Highlighting can also be a great makeup alternative for those who prefer to rock a minimum-makeup look. You can simply add a few dabs of highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow to accentuate your features and off you go! Highlighters work great as a stand-alone product and give a natural glow all on their own.

giphy-8On March 1st, Younique launched a new product lineup that includes highlighting luminzers. The luminizers were available to presenters a few weeks beforehand and people went crazy. I’m talking CRAY. So much so that the products were backordered almost instantly. To catch up with demand, Younique is only including luminizers in collection sets for the time being. It won’t be this way forever, but this sudden rush goes to show how hot this stuff really is.

I personally love the look of highlighters. I’ve been experimenting with a contour + highlighter look using Younique’s Sculpting Trio set which provides the best of both worlds!


Step 1 and 2 help contour while step 3 adds a highlight!

So do you highlight? Do you have questions about highlighting? Let me know in the comments section!


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