5 Makeup Tips for Beginners

Since I’ve started selling Younique and writing about makeup, beauty, and skin care routines, I’ve had several friends say something along the lines of “I’m interested in what you’re doing and I would like to try your products, but I don’t really know how to do my own makeup.”

I totally get that. And while I don’t consider myself a makeup artist by any means, I thought I could at least offer a few tips to help any beginner get started.

  1. Find a foundation that matches your skin tone.
    enhanced-17199-1403904944-29The line. We’ve all seen it. A number of us have probably even been guilty of it at some point. Using a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone will create a very distinct line that makes it easy to tell where your makeup ends and where your natural skin color begins. It’s not a look you should shoot for.

    Using a foundation that matches your skin tone is extremely important. It will help smooth out your complexion, cover any blemishes, and give you complete and natural coverage.

    Find your matching foundation by testing products on your neck, rather than your arm (your arm will usually be darker than your face).  If you’re looking for a new foundation and need help finding a match, I can send you samples of Younique’s Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation — just let me know!

  2. Keep your eye makeup simple. 
    It’s easy to be intimidated by eye makeup. There’s a lot you can do with the thousands of eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, brow gels, antrend-metal-big_gald brow pencils out there, and it can be really fun to try new products. However, you don’t have to do
    anything crazy to get a beautiful, polished look.

    Stick to neutral color duo, using the lighter shade all over with a touch of the darker shade on the outer edge to add some drama. Forsake the eye liner if you’re crunched for time and complete the look with a few extra swipes of mascara.

  3. Invest in a skin care routine.
    intro-best-face-moisturizersMakeup is an art and your face is the canvas. Give yourself a nice, smooth surface to work on by investing in a good skin care routine.

    Never leave your makeup on overnight — sleeping in your makeup is basically an open invite for clogged pores, breakouts, eye irritation, wrinkles, and more. Moisturize your face in the morning before starting your makeup routine and consider investing in a moisturizer that includes SPF if you spend a lot of time outside.

  4. Don’t get caught up in the hype.
    There are plenty of makeup fads that come and go. 80s-girl-makeup The 70’s saw “tadpole brows,”  the 80’s gave us heavy neon makeup, the 90’s introduced dramatic lower lid liner, and Paris showed us how to do icy eye makeup in the early 2000’s.

    Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the latest and greatest in the makeup world. If you have a look you like, keep rocking it. Being confident in your skin is truly timeless.

  5. Have fun with it!
    There are no rules that you have to follow! Makeup should be something you enjoy that provides a way for you to highlight your favorite features. Have fun taking risks, trying new looks, testing different products, and expressing yourself.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!



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