Channeling the Michael Scott within me

Tonight, I’m channeling my inner Michael Scott. Keep reading.

Whilst I wait for my Younique presenter kit to arrive in the mail, I have been filling my time with lots of reading. Reading about makeup trends, makeup sales, social media marketing for multi-level marketing companies, you name it.

I’ve also been studying up on the different resources available to Younique presenters. They have what’s called “Youniversity” where they share tons and tons of videos about everything you can think of to help you get started in your Younique sales journey.

A fundamental piece of internet sales is what’s called “attraction marketing.” Attraction marketing is jargon-y buzzword, but it’s basically the idea that in order to bring people to your business, you need to attract them to you. And to attract them to you, you need to offer value.

I like this idea because it’s not gross and salesy. And it’s actually not that different than what I do for a living. I work at a healthcare SaaS startup in Atlanta  called Clockwise.MD and my job is to generate new leads for our sales team. We accomplish this two ways:

  1. We attract customers to our website by providing valuable resources they can download and learn from and
  2. My kick-ass team of business development representatives, the finest in the biz, work hard to reach out to customers who would benefit by using our product

We are experts at what we do and we are honest with ourselves and our customers. Our goal is to provide a personalized, genuine experience for our buyer where they feel like their needs are met and they know we are invested in their success.

That’s my goal in selling Younique, too. I want my customers to know that I believe in and value what’s best for them. I am personally invested in their needs and my goal is to help them find what they are looking for, whether it’s with Younique or not.

I spent some time thinking about what value I could provide through my Younique business and I’ve decided it’s this:

  • Honesty – I will always be honest about the products I sell and I will always be honest about myself
  • Encouragement – affirmation that everyone is beautiful, with our without makeup
  • Positivity – Uplifting sentiments about people, myself, and life in general
  • Compassion – I am committed to donating 10% of my proceeds to the Younique foundation
  • Expertise – Helpful tips and tricks around makeup, skin care, beauty and the like

As a Younique presenter, I work for myself and get to be my own boss babe (heyyyo) so I am officially declaring those four things as my own personal mission statement. And officially declaring anything always reminds me of this:

giphy (7).gif

Alright, have I cheesed out enough tonight? Probably. I’m drinking a beer and feeling good about life so I feel okay about it.

My kit comes tomorrow – stay tuned!




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